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The Elite hide cures from the population because they make more money keeping us on medication that doesn’t cure us rather than giving us the cure. They use disinformation to discredit real cures, and they give us false reasons why things give us diseases. Diet and keeping the pH of your blood more alkaline cures most diseases.

Elite Exposed

The reason people don’t understand why these secrets are not readily available to the masses is because the elite owns all of the mainstream media, so it is not available to the public’s eye. Some things do get exposed but are censored and are not widely available. A lot of what gets exposed has to do with satanic ritual abuse and Satan worship. The average person will not understand this or believe it because they do not understand how much control the elite have in the system.

New World Order

There are many secret operations and hidden agendas that they hide from the public. The Jesuits control the CIA, and everything they do in secret is for a conspiracy to subvert the masses. Many of the conducted wars are controlled by both sides and are used to kill each other’s population to control the nations further and not be able to fake back against the establishment.

Space Lies

Space Lies It is impossible to go to space; Nasa and all the space agencies are all colluding together to lie about the existence of space to fit the heliocentric model. The Elite promote the scientists they want on mainstream media to push the heliocentric model and silence the real scientists. The historical scientists that proved the earth was round were all connected to the occult and were conspiring to change the world’s model to push the big bang theory and evolution.

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