Made of stone; a building

regions beyond

Servant; cloud of judgment

A city; mourning

Mourning of waters

meadow of dancing

meadow of Egypt

meadow of the acacias

An egg; muddy

The father of mourning

Close; pressed together

Field of blood

Grief; trouble

Brother of death


Poison; tricks

Liar; lying; one that runs

Testimony of the assembly

My man; red; earthy; human

In Kabbalah, this is the first spiritual World that came into being after the contraction of God's infinite light. Not the same as the physical Adam Ha-Rishon. In Lurianic Kabbalah, the description of Adam Kadmon is anthropomorphic.

High; eminent

Basis; foundation; the Lord

Assemblies; testimonies

Earthy; red; bloody

Strength of the sea

The court of death

The Adriatic Sea

Their testimony; their prey; their ornament

Earthy; red; bloody things

A cloud; fountain; his eye

Essence; being; generation

Made of milk, or of fat; brother of the heart

mass; heap; hour; eye; fountain

A chain; strength; a stag


God is king

One who assists men

An oak; strong

The oak of weeping

Hidden in a cluster of fig trees

Mingling together

People of witness; a prey

gathering spot

My, or his, people

A city surrounded by a river

A grape; a knot

Dryness, burning, wrath

answer; song; poverty

an answer; their affliction

Answerings; singings; afflicted

Speedy as a chariot

For, or against the father

strength; a rapid torrent

Perdition, destruction

Forum on the Appian Way


Awakening; uncovering

Multiplying; sowing sedition; a window; a locust.

House of sweet smell

Evening; desert; ravens

A wild ass; a dragon.

The highland

Aram of (the) two rivers

Aram of Tsoba

The curse of trembling


length; health; physic

The hill of Mars

A lion dead to the Lord

Hill of fruits; mountain of Megiddo

Rejoicing; sunlight

Heath; tamarisk

The light of redemption


High; exalted

a refuge for the roving


Effusion; inclination; theft

ravines of the Pisgah

A fire that spreads


flocks; sheep; riches


Muddy; boggy

Weight; balance; fire of infamy

Approaching; coming near

Country of Assur or Ashur



Crowns of power

Thy time


That increases or sends


Iniquity; force; riches; sorrow

Wicked, perverse


Strength of walls

strong death; a he-goat

Bone of a bone; our strength

The ears of Tabor; the ears of purity or contrition.

Idol of fortune or felicity

possessor of a village

Possessor of destruction or of a thing cursed

Idol or master of the house

Master of the opening

God of divisions

The god that presides over three; the third idol

Master of the palm-tree

The idol or possession of the north; hidden; secret

Her idol; she that is governed or subdued; a spouse

A rejoicing; our proud lord.

Subjected pit


Choice; warlike; valiant

A house


An eminence or high place

heights of Baal

In the tooth, in ivory

Cast under


A well

The well of Elim, or of rains

well of a living (One) my Seer

Wells; explaining

The well of an oath; the seventh well

with Ashtoreth


Sons of sorrow

Sons of lightning

Blessing; bending the knee

Heavy; weighty


Wells; a cypress

Glad news; incarnation



House of height

house of God's ambush

The house of vanity; of iniquity of trouble

house of a creative one

The house of the lamb

The house of corn, or of fish

House of dry figs

A neighbor's house

A house for a mouse

House of recompense, or of the camel

House of the vineyard

House of grace

house of a partridge

House of wrath

House of lionesses

house of Maakah

House of bitterness wiped out

House of rebellion

House of expulsion

House of dividing asunder

House of gaping, or opening

house of the street

House of the sun

house of the acacia

House of a rock.

The house of confidence

House of affliction

house of replies

The house of song; the house of affliction

House of sweet smell

The house of God

House of deepness

Division, or in the trial

House of pity or mercy

house of the deserts

House of bread

House of my month, or of early figs

House of fruits, or of food, or of snares

house of the tooth, or of ivory, or of sleep

House of the apple

destroyed of God

Lightning; in the chains

Vine branches

The ancient of the people; the devourer

who is old or confused


Violent precipitation


The place of weeping; or of mulberry-trees

In them

Mud; bog

a swell of ground

In tribulation or distress

As though understanding

Displeasing; dirty


Warlike; a lover of horses

Possession, or possessed

Favorable; opportunity

Our consummation; altogether himself

His resurrection

Zeal; jealousy; possession

Merchant; trader; or that humbles and subdues

The field of repentance; city of comfort

A sphere, buckle, or hand

Circumcised lamb; harvest; full of ears of corn

Money; covetousness

Millet; small pulse

As demons, or as robbers

extension of the mouth

A lamb; as taken away; withdrawn

Force or strength

village of the Ammonite

a little lioness

Cutting; piercing; slaying

not listed





A dart

Teaching or learning


Open; opening

flanks of Tabor


furnace of smoke

The secret; here is a mystery

men liers in wait

not listed

Which rolls or overturns


A lamentable voice

Punishment; correction

Top, summit

Which is satisfied; ornament; beauty

Carnal; fleshly



Fair; fairness

A wall; coldness; the floor

The word; the thing; a bee; obedient

Flowing with honey

A bucket; a branch

Deceitful lamps; vain brightness

A sack full of blood; the similitude of burning


Judgment; he that judges

judge of purpose


An orator; a word

Containing ten cities

Their breasts; friendship; a judge

A sting

Paste of dry figs

pining; languish

That is poor

Where it is red


of gold

A knocking

Generation, habitation

The law; custom

Silence; death

Ancient heaps

The stone of help

Passage over; being angry




Pleasure; delight

Red, earthy; of blood

A very great mass, or cloud

Drops of the sea

Heifer; chariot; round

That troubles or oppresses; anguish

Barrenness; torn away

The God of Bethel

God, the God of Israel

An oak; a curse; perjury

A young man; a virgin; a secret

A hind; strength; an oak

Burnt-offering of God.


The rams; the strong; stags

Hardiness or rigor of God

Oak; grove; strong.

The house of grace or mercy


Of grace or mercy.

God (is) straight

The generation of God

People despised or obscure

Fountain, eye of generation, or of habitation

Eye, or fountain, of calves

Eye, or fountain, of protection or of gardens

Eye, or fountain, of the goat, or of happiness

Quick sight; well of gladness

Fountain of him that called or prayed

The grass of the well

Well of weight

The fuller's fountain; the well of searching

Fountain, or eye, of the sun

Fountain of an apple, or of inflation

Fountain, open place

Effusion of blood


Fruitful; increasing

abundance; bearing fruit


The son of Isaac and Rebekah and the older twin brother of Jacob.


Held up

A strong woman

The bosom of a woman


Their bird, their covering

Their strength; their sign


Blackness; heat

That makes fruitful

Going abroad; walk

The wood of the man

Good Harbors

not listed

not listed

Tempest; commotion

High; elevated

A place surrounded or walled

White; the color of milk

The heap of witness

Wheel; revolution; circuit

Who heap up; who cover

A scab

A wine-press

The high wine-press.

wine-press of (the) well

Strong; a goat

A hill; cup

Bound; limit

Grasshoppers; height

Rolling, wheel, heap

Garden of the prince

Pilgrimage, combat; dispute

Those who come from pilgrimage or fight

Cutters, hatchets

sight of the valley; a walled valley

A very fat or plentiful vale

Dividing, sentence

To guide; draw out; produce; a groan or sigh

A back; a high house.

Hill; cup; thing lifted up


a cutting; desolation

Valley of grace

Revolution of inquiry

The heap or mass of testimony

Wheel; rolling; heap

He that rejoices; he that overturns

Digging; a wine-press

A wine-press

His touching; his roaring


Cistern; grasshopper

Passage; revolution

A heap of skulls; something skull-shaped

a ruined heap

Approaching; drawing near

Fleece; pasture; who nourisheth the body

effervescing (i.e. hot and active)

(in the sense of cutting) cleft


not listed

The governor's whelp.

A partaker; a companion

My hope is in her

Invocation to the god Rimmon

News; a month

New Hazor

Rejoicing; sharp

Point; joy of tenderness

A moist table


Grief; looking for grief

Sickness; a beginning; a precious stone

Anger; heat; a wall; hot springs

The heat, or the wall, of an army

Heat; the sun

hot springs of Dor

The multitude of Gog

Grace, or gift, of God

Banishment of grace

The gift of grace

Searching; digging

A hill; showing forth

Well of great fear



Astonishment; fear

A forest; agriculture; workmanship; deafness; silence

Slender; sharp


A hole; liberty; whiteness

That suffers pain; that brings forth

The villages that enlighten

An imprisoned generation

Middle village; preparation

A wolf's house

the hay-paunch of a horse

Imprisoned cloud

Imprisoned band

Villages; palaces

Drawing near to bitterness

Court; hay

Society; friendship

Their army; their trouble

milk, fatness.

Changing; passing over


The field of strong men, or of rocks


A digger

The son; an earthen pot

abrupt; Anathema; devoted to destruction

intelligence, account, device, reason

A hasty messenger

A fearful dwelling

The dart of joy; the division of the song

Sharp voice; sound

Holy city

There they are; their riches

A window; grief


Mountain; peak

The hill of felicity

Desert; solitude; destruction

An offering dedicated to God

Devoted or consecrated to God; utter destruction

Angers; ragings

not listed


Engraver; scribe; lawyer.


Ancient people; people decreasing


The hand of slander, or of cursing

Red; earthy; bloody


Heaps of Hebrews, or of angry men

ruins of the passers

Look; eye; fountain

Joy; rejoicing

Saying; speaking; a lamb

City of a Serpent


The health, medicine, or exulting of God

A city of bondage

Good man

Abounding with calves or heifers


Hour, or time, of a prince

Guarded; mountainous


Assistance; helper

Evacuation; dissipation; wrestling

Dryness; confusion; shame

not listed

Sorrow; trouble

Building of God

a building

Husbandman; stranger


resting; tarrying; deriving


Enlightening; appearing

delivered; banished

Fairness; comeliness

Fearing, or seeing, or throwing down, death

returner of bread

A remnant; excellent

Deceiver; one who makes sad

A leap; woods

Trodden under foot; mangers.

Heap of witness

praising; conferring.

His moon; his month; his sweet smell

Fear, or vision of God

Vision of peace


Solitude; desolation; wasteland

A savior; a deliverer

Hanging up; heaping up

God will sow


An exalting; high

Crookedness, or burning, of the people

Possessing, or building up, of the people

Veneration of God

Beauty; comeliness

The river of judgment

people will be poured forth


the praise of the Lord; confession

Turning away

The congregation of God


Holiness of an inconstant son

Of reeds

Floor; dissolving coldness

They rested

Calling; meeting.



Blackness; sorrow

Antiquity; old age

a sanctum

A whole; a congregation

inclosing; citadel


The cities; the callings

End; extremity

The graves of lust


Obscure; making black or sad

Buying; possession


A city; wall; meeting

city of the sun; wall of burnt brick

City; vocation; meeting

City of four; fourth city

City of Baal, or of a ruler.

City of streets; populous city

city of forests, or city of towns

City of enmity, or of a blackberry bush

City of letters, or of the book

The two cities; callings; or meetings

Hardness; soreness.

It is a wall; the company of a lioness

Making sweet; binding together


hope; a congregation; a line; a rule

White; shining; gentle; brittle.

Who walks, or exists, of himself

Who liveth and seeth me

Their bread; their war

A lion


Just people

Thick; wise

White, incense


The moon; whiteness; frankincense


A name; putting; a precious stone.

White; whiteness

The heart of the sea; fat


Nativity; generation


Made of boards


Separation; departure; an almond



A standing pool

That dissolves or disperses

Ascent of scorpions

Den; making empty; watching

Burning; adoration

poverty; the smiting of his son


Measure of a gift; preparation of a garment

A chiding; a garment; his measure

Tower; greatness

Covering; roof; dissolving

Tents; two fields; two armies

Tents of judgment.


Assemblies; congregations

Worshiping; burning; raised; crookedness


Rebellious; bitter; set with trees


The first son of Joseph and Asenath. Asenath was an Egyptian woman whom Pharaoh gave to Joseph as wife, and the daughter of Potipherah, a priest of On. He was born in Egypt before the arrival of the children of Israel from Canaan.

House; place of sin

Marah, bitter; bitterness

Sleep; a sacrifice of myrrh; ascension

From the beginning; an inheritance

Whistling; hissing


gifts; rains

A hundred cubits

Den; cave; making empty

water of quiet

His precious fruit; declaring a message.

The waters of Jordan

A foot of a pillar; provision

Affording honey

Charmers, regarders of times.

Appearance, or force, of waters

double bitterness

Dispute; quarrel

My singing; rejoicing; bearing rule

Secret, leanness.

Aram of the two rivers (Tigris and Euphrates)

Bridle of the Mother City (Gath)

The gift or death of a striker

Judgment; striving

Judgment; covering; habit

Tower of God.

Tower compassed about

Fear; farm; throat

Red; scarlet


Reckoned; prepared


A cliff; fortress

Parables; governing.

Requiring; lent; pit.

Hot waters

Sweetness; pleasantness

Purity; cleansing; press


a watch-tower; speculation


Of his father

Birth; generation



Bitterness of the Lord

Alternate: Moseroth

correction or corrections

Alternate: Olivet

an olive-orchard


I flow; pour out; weep

Criminal; abominable

beautiful; agreeable


young person; girl

Ready; sure

Praised; bright

Inheritance; valley of God

Beauty; pleasantness

Beauties; habitations

That struggles or fights

Separated; crowned; sanctified

Moved; moving

The new city

Prophecy; budding

That speaks or prophesies

Commotion, or moving, of God


Alternate: Nephtoah

pening; open

Alternate: Netophathi


not listed

Vision of peace


Prophecy; growing of a tooth

The city of victory

Clear waters

Handsome; agreeable


Discourse; prophecy

That barks or yelps


Vagabond; fugitive

Honeycomb; anything that distills or drops

a gust

water skins



A tower; darkness; small white cloud

Fruitful region

Wearisomeness; folding together

Dust; lead; a fawn

A raven

Cultivated field or table-land

Alternate: Palestine

Which is covered; watered; or brings and causes ruin

A nation made up of every tribe

Which boils, or is very hot

A cow; increasing

ornamental, beautify


not listed

Portion or diminishing of blood

Trodden under foot



Pau, howling; sighing

not listed

noble; rulers

Alternate: Penuel

Face or vision of God; that sees God

Hole; opening


Division of Uzza, or of strength

Very earthy

Height; elevation

That cuts or divides; a nail; a gryphon; a horseman

?; a place in Mesopotamia

That produces fruit

Alternate: Phenicia

Red; purple

Love of a brother

Warlike; a lover of horses

rolling; migratory

Dry; barren

Abode of the goddess Bahest or Bast

The mouth; the pass of Hiroth

His dissipation or deprivation; his rupture

Hill; eminence; fortress

Pitch; pitchy

not listed

Their mouthful; a dilatation of the mouth

The sea

Courtroom; hall

not listed



Bean; destruction

Precious stone; that beholds

Sulphureous wells

Great; powerful; contentious.

Alternate: Daberath


To whisper; an embalmer

Proud; quarrelsome (applied to Egypt).

Empty; temple of the head.

Vain; void; mountain of enjoyment.

Alternate: Rama

Elevated; sublime

Alternates: Ramatha | Ramoth | Remeth | Ramoth-Gilead

raised; lofty; eminences; high places

Elevation of the jaw-bone

Elevation of the watch-tower

The two watch-towers.

*names of 11 pharoahs*

Alternate: Beth-rehob

Breadth; space; extent

Spaces; places

Vain pictures; divers picture

Alternate: En-rimmon

Well of weight

Alternate: Rimmon

Rimmon it ends toward Neah

invigorating; a giant

Beds; places of rest

Pavement; burning coal

Rupture; fracture

A rose

Quarrel; greatness to him

Exalted; pomegranate

Pomegranate of the breach

Watering; distillation; dew

Juniper; noise

A foot or footman

Strength; power

Exalted; sublime; rejected

Alternate: Salmone

Shaken; test; beaten

Thy basket; thy lifting up

Alternate: Shalem

Complete or perfect peace

Alternate: Salem

Foxes; fists; path

Alternate: Shalim

Foxes; fists; path

Peaceable; perfect; he that rewards


Full of gravel

An island possessed by the Samians and Thracians

Bough or bramble of the enemy


Prince of joy

A goldsmith's shop

Remaining; hand of a prince

A drunkard; that turns

Shadow; covering; defense

Defense; bough

Alternate: Seirath

hairy; goat; demon; tempest; roughness

A rock

Rock of divisions

The end; a pause

Shaken or beaten by the waves

Alternate: Seneh

Bramble; enemy

Bed-candle; changing

A book descending

The two books; the two scribes

Alternates: Shaalabbim | Shaalbim | Shaalbon

Understanding, or son of a fox; a fox's building

Gates; valuation; hairs


Three; the third; prince; captain

prison; bush; lees; thorn


Double gates

Alternates: Lasharon | Saron

His plain; his song

abode of pleasure

Captivity; old man; repose; oath

Alternate: Sychem

Part; portion; back early in the morning

not listed

Hearing; obeying

Tooth; ivory; change

to be pointed; peak

bare spot

Bag of flax or linen

Drunkenness; his gift; his wages

Alternate: Shion

Sound; wall of strength

Alternate: Shihor-libnath

Blackness of Libnah.

javelins; sprouts

Peace; abundance

Alternate: Shimron merom

guardianship of lashing


kings; tyrants

Defense; a bough

Fox; path; first

Their change; their sleep

Wall; ox; that beholds

Alternate: Susa

Lily; rose; joy

Conversion; captivity

double hope

Alternate: Shihor

Black; trouble (the river Nile)


Alternate: Shiloah


Bough; weapon; armor

Alternate: Sina

A bush; enmity

Noise; tumult

bare spot


sheeted with snow



Tents; tabernacles

scorch, burnt, Their secret; their cement

Vine; hissing; a color inclining to yellow

Rare; precious

not listed

Tents; tabernacles


That withdraws or departs; rebellion


A bush; enmity

That draws violently

the highland; Aram

Who humbles thee; who answers thee

Alternate: Taanath-shiloh

Breaking down a fig-tree

Good; goodness


Choice; purity; bruising

The palm-tree; bitterness

Fear; going down

Alternate: Tehaphnehes

Standard; flight; temptation

lower (ones) monthly

Apple; swelling

A hair; a wretch; one banished

Searching out slander, or strength

Contemplation; examination

winged; feathered

Alternate: Tekoah

Trumpet; that is confirmed

Suspension of the plow

Heap of salt

A heap of new grain


Taking away; heaping up

Their dew; their shadow

Admiration; perfection; consummation

Alternate: Temani

the south; Africa; perfect

Test description

Jehovah (is) thither

Muddy; eggs; fine linen or silk

Victory against the Thessalians

not listed

A perfume; sacrifice of labor

Good vision; the navel


Alternate: Thimnathah

Image; figure; enumeration

Alternate: Timnath-serah

image of the sun; numbering of the rest

Passage; leap; step; the passover

Benevolent; complaisant; pleasing

That makes captive


Good; goodness.


Ruin; folly; without understanding.

A drum; betraying



not listed

The earth; the world; confusion

Alternate: Tyrus

strength; rock; sharp

Strength; fool; senseless

Darkened; covered; his people

Pure gold; gold of Phasis or Pison


the East (as being the region of light)

Ear of the flesh

not listed

The Lord is judge

not listed

not listed

sheep pasture

Movings; a person asleep

Little; afflicted; in tribulation

Alternate: Zalmon

The shade; the sound of the number; his image

Forgetfulness; desertion


Ambush of the mouth

Tribulation; perplexity

splendor of the dawn

Alternates: Zeredathah

pierce; puncture

Deer; goats

Alternates: Zebulon | Zabulon

dwelling; habitation

His side; his hunting

Rib; side; halting


Wool; pith

Coldness; target; weapon

Alternates: Zephathah | Hormah

Which beholds; that attends or that covers



exuberant in growth; lined with shrubbery

Ambush; change of dominion

Huntings; treasons; destructions.

Alternate: Sidon

Hunting; fishing; venison

Measure pressed down


Buckler; coldness

Monument; raised up; sepulcher

Ship of him that watches

This mouth or mouthful; falsehood


Flower; branch; a lock of hair



Alternates: Zoba
an army; warring

Place for a watchman

Alternates: Zoreah

Leprosy; scab; hornet

That beholds, observes, watches; roof; covering

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